Ben Park

IMG_6777I am a PhD student in history at the University of Cambridge where I study the cultural, religious, and intellectual history of early America. I hold previous degrees from Brigham Young University (BA, English and history), the University of Edinburgh (MSc, historical theology), and the University of Cambridge (MPhil, political thought and intellectual history).

My dissertation examines the local productions of nationalism between the American Revolution and the nullification crisis, specifically how these conceptions differed according to locality, race, and gender, and with a focus on Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina as case studies.

My other interests includes Anglo-American political thought and culture between 1750 and 1900, liberal religion and social reform, the Transcendentalism movement, Mormonism, and the intersections between religion, culture, and politics in American history.

More background, my curriculum vitae, and summaries of my publications can be found at my website.

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