Tom Cutterham

I’m a DPhil student in American History at St Hugh’s College, Oxford University. I hold the postgraduate studentship at the Rothermere American Institute, and from October 2013 I’ll be moving to New College, Oxford, as the Sir Christopher Cox Junior Fellow. My thesis is a study of power, thought, and culture among patriot elites in the 1780s.

As well as here, I write occasionally for the United States Intellectual History blog, Prospect (UK), 49th Parallel, and Reviews in History. I’m also an editor at the Oxonian Review, which allows me to write about all sorts of things. You can follow me on Twitter @tomcutterham – but be warned, it’s not all American history all the time.

I’ve written a chapter on Fallout 3 and irony in the forthcoming book, Playing with the Past; a contribution to the forum on Charles Beard in American Political Thought; and a forthcoming article on “The International Dimension of the Federal Constitution” in the Journal of American Studies.