In line with the blog’s mission to foster a sense of community amongst early Americanists, we offer this regularly updated clearinghouse of fellowship and funding opportunities for graduate students and junior faculty in early American-related fields. If you know of a fellowship relevant to early Americanists that is not listed, please contribute by leaving a link in the comments below or use the contact form on our About page to submit the information.

Massachusetts Historical Society, Short-Term Fellowships, due March 1, 2015.

Library Company, Dissertation and Short-Term Fellowships, due March 1, 2015.

American Philosophical Society, Short-Term Library Resident Research Fellowships, due March 2, 2015.

David Library of the American Revolution, Short-Term Resident Research Fellowships, due March 7, 2015.

Yale University/Gilder Lehrman Center, Cassius Marcellus Clay Postdoctoral Fellowship, due March 9, 2015.

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Short-Term Fellowships, due May 1, 2015.

Gilder Lehrman Fellowship, due May 1, 2015.

4 comments on “Fellowships

  1. There will be two open postdoctoral fellowships at the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University for 2015-2016. These are one-year fellowships, with the expectation of a second-year renewal. The CPH defines the study of the presidency and executive power in the broadest terms possible.

    Keep an eye out on H-Net and our website below for the official announcement in the coming weeks. http://www.smu.edu/CPH/Research/PostdoctoralFellowships

    • I usually hold off on adding them to the list until the application due date is added or updated. So I’ll be sure to add this as soon as the official announcement comes out. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Postdoc at the SMU Center for Presidential History has been officially posted. Here’s the link to our website – http://blog.smu.edu/cph/2014/09/17/2015-2016-postdoc/

    It can also be found on the websites of H-Net, AHA, and Chronicle

  3. The Cassius Marcellus Clay postdoc at Yale is for a 19th century historian this year–https://www.h-net.org/jobs/job_display.php?id=50540


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