Joseph M. Adelman

I am an Assistant Professor in the History Department at Framingham State University in Framingham, Massachusetts, where I teach courses on the economic and business history of the Atlantic world, media history, and early American history.

My research interests focus on the intersection of media, communication, and politics in early America and the United States. I am currently working on two book projects. The first, Revolutionary Networks: The Business of Printing and the Production of American Politics, 1763-1789, is a systematic study of the communications infrastructure that framed political debate during the American Revolution. The manuscript, a revision of my dissertation, reconstructs printers’ business networks to demonstrate the vital role they played in shaping the circulation of political news and debate through their own commercial and political interests. The second project, which is currently in early research stages, will be a general history of the Post Office in America, with particular attention to the longstanding tension between the roles of civic institution and revenue-generating business.

In addition to The Junto, I edit the “Ask the Author” column at Common-place, and maintain a personal website where you can find more information about me.