Mandy Izadi

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I am in the final stages of my D.Phil at Oxford University’s Faculty of History. My doctoral research investigates the oft-segregated intersections of Native American and African American history. The dissertation that I am writing focuses on Creek and Seminole Indians, and the slaves, Britons and Spaniards with whom they allied in their struggles against American imperial expansion.

I received my B.A. in History from New York University, and my M.A. in American History from the University of Maryland. I recently presented a paper at Harvard University’s conference on ‘Caribbean Diaspora Reconsidered’; and in June 2013, I helped to plan the inaugural Oxford-Yale conference on Indigenous Studies at Oxford.

I was drawn to studying History at NYU because I began to learn things about the American national past that I had never heard before.  I guess I haven’t stopped since.

Currently, I am working on finishing up my dissertation. I enjoy teaching and mentoring undergraduates here at the University; and am deeply committed to using my historical perspective to better understand relevant, contemporary issues–the global trafficking of human beings; the impoverishment of native communities; and the myriad connections and discordances between democracy and capital.