Tom Cutterham

Right now I’m a postdoctoral researcher at New College, part of the University of Oxford, where I teach colonial, revolutionary, and nineteenth-century American history. I finished my doctorate at St Hugh’s College, Oxford, with the help of a postgraduate fellowship at the Rothermere American Institute.

My dissertation, “Gentlemen Revolutionaries: Power and Justice in the New American Republic, 1781-1787” is now in chrysalis form, shortly to be reborn as a beautiful book manuscript! I’m also working on a joint biography of Angelica Schuyler Church and her husband, the British-born financier and politician John Barker Church. If you’ve ever come across anything about them in an archive, please let me know (seriously).

Along with a chapter on Fallout 3 and irony in the 2013 book Playing With the Past, I’ve written an article on “The International Dimension of the Federal Constitution,”  in the Journal of American Studies, and a shorter forum contribution on “Charles Beard and the Politics of Radical Public History,” in American Political Thought. I also write book reviews and other things at a few different places, including the Oxonian Review. And I’ve organised two conferences! One was on Charles Beard, for the centenary of his Economic Interpretation of the Constitution; the other (co-organised with Kathryn Olivarius) was quite recent, and it was on Consent in Early America, 1600-1900.

You can find random quotations and opinions tweeted by me at @tomcutterham.