Join, Or DieThe Junto is a group blog made up of junior early Americanists dedicated to providing content of general interest to other early Americanists and those interested in early American history, as well as a forum for discussion of relevant historical and academic topics. The blog launched on December 10, 2012.


The Junto does not claim to cover all aspects or represent the amazingly broad diversity of the field that is early American history. No single blog could do either. If a specific topic is not being covered on the blog, it is not because we think it unworthy of coverage. Juntoists largely write about topics in their own sub-fields and time periods. If you’d like to see a certain topic covered on The Junto, please contact us (below). We gladly welcome and encourage suggestions for posts or guest posts, particularly in areas or topics that are underrepresented amongst the specialties of the Juntoists. Finally, posts by individual members or guest posters reflect the view(s) of the authors and do not represent a consensus on the part of the blog as whole.


If you are a graduate student, junior faculty member, or history professional working in early American history and would like to propose a guest post, please use the contact form below.


We ask that those who participate in the discussions generated in the Comments section do so with the same decorum as they would in any other academic setting or context. Also, since the Juntoists write under their real names, we would prefer that our commenters also identify themselves by their real name. As our primary goal is to stimulate and engage in fruitful and productive discussion, ad hominem attacks (personal or professional), unnecessary insults, and/or mean-spiritedness have no place in The Junto‘s Comments section. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove any comments that contain any of the above and/or are not intended to further the discussion of the topic of the post. We welcome suggestions for corrections to any of our posts. We hope to create a community of early Americanists around The Junto who engage with one another in discussions of historiography, academia, and public and digital history.


The Junto is not just a blog; it is also a clearinghouse of information relevant to academics involved in the study of early America. Under the Resources tab, you will find up-to-date listings of calls for papers, conferences, and funding opportunities. In addition, there is an Archive page, which lists every blog post chronologically, and an Index page, which lists posts according to some of our most common topics and special features. Finally, we also host a bibliography of (mostly academic) books published in early American history since 2006 as well as a collection of links to sites of interest to academic early Americanists. As with all our Resources, we ask that the community help contribute to them by sending us links to CFPs, conferences, fellowships, and any suitably additions to the bibliography.


Please use the form below (or email us at thejuntoblog@gmail.com), if you want to:

  • contact the administrators or contributors
  • submit feedback about the blog
  • submit relevant entries and/or links for our Conferences, Calls for Papers, Fellowships, or Links pages
  • submit post ideas
  • propose a guest post
  • inquire about getting a book reviewed
  • request permission to reprint a post in its entirety

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