The JuntoCast

The JuntoCast

The JuntoCast is a monthly podcast dedicated to roundtable discussions of issues related to early American history. Ken Owen (Host), Michael Hattem (panelist and Producer), and Roy Rogers (panelist) are usually joined by a guest panelist each month.

Our dedicated website can be found at:

What others are saying about “The JuntoCast”

“If you don’t already follow The JuntoCast, do yourself a favor and check it out. We’re big fans!” – Omohundro Institute for Early American History & Culture (Facebook)

“This is a wonderful, fun discussion among four scholars who know their history, express themselves clearly and concisely, listen to each other, enjoy each other’s company, and build upon each other’s contribution. This is not your typical boring round-table discussion. I’d invite these folks over for dinner in a heart beat.” – Charles Z. Silverman

“These guys really know their stuff  . . . [they] do a great job and I always learn something from their conversations..” – John Fea

“The podcast provides a superb synthesis of the existing literature on women and gender in early America. It should be ‘required listening’ for doctoral students preparing for orals.” – Rosemarie Zagarri on “Ep. 10: Gender in Early America”

“Although I’m not an early Americanist by training, the JuntoCast is excellent listening for anyone interested in the history of the early American republic. Their roundtables on historiographical discussions have to be the best out there right now (their episode on Edmund Morgan’s American Slavery, American Freedom is wonderful. It was like being back in a graduate seminar.)” – Jason Heppler

“If you’re not tuning into the monthly podcasts from @thejuntoblog you’re missing out.” – @GWLibrary (The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington)

“[The JuntoCast] provides deep insight into historical themes and topics in early American History. A great way for you to stay current on the latest scholarship or a place to share with students to have them go into more depth into topics you are discussing in class.” –Lance Mosier, 8th-grade teacher

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you how much I appreciate/enjoy your podcasts. They are insightful and inquisitive, and have made me re-think some of my previous assumptions about certain books, while opening up lines of inquiry with books I have not read. I especially like that they help us early Americanists engage in a sort of ‘imagined community’ beyond text.” – Email from academic historian

“[Check out the podcast] and discover why they get rave reviews!” – University of Illinois-Springfield History Department

“If you like early American history and you’re not listening to @Juntocast, you are probably a loyalist in need of a tar-and-feathering.”– Michael J. Theis

“As a high school history teacher, I enjoy the resources you & the @juntocast, @thejuntoblog share! Keep it up!!! :)” – Twitter user

“I just found this today while driving and listened to four straight hours. I cannot wait to continue! The host and guests provide expert discussion without an obvious political slant.” – iTunes review

“Nothing else like it on iTunes. A truly academic approach to the topics. I wish there was something like this on 20th century America.” – iTunes review

“Great podcast on Early American History. Academic yet engaging.” – @tlc4261

“This is a highly informative and intellectually stimulating podcast. The panelists are insanely knowledgeable about early American history. A lot of history podcasts “talk down” to their listeners, but the Juntocast is like listening in on expert historians from the next booth over in the pub.” – iTunes Review

“enjoy listening in on the conversation & rethinking things” – @CarolinaBizLaw

“Another fabulous episode!” – @jjkeller44

“One of the coolest features of the new blog The Junto” – Legal History Blog

“I’m not an early Americanist, but the @juntocast podcast is excellent. Has joined my regular History podcasts.” – @jaheppler

“This new podcast from @thejuntoblog on early Presidency has some good stuff for your Qs!” – Samuel Ulmschneider

“I love these podcasts, more please!”  – @TammyPartridge

“I listened to this on ride to work- great talk guys!” – Dr. Joseph Moore

“Turned into that creepy smiley person on the subway this morning. Thanks, @juntocast” – Christopher Minty

“Great new addition to podcastworld!” – @ArtRemillard

“Podcast on early American history, yes, please” – @camilletorres

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