Junto March Madness: Elite Eight Winners

Our Final Four is set! Make sure to take the weekend to digest these results, perhaps revisit the books, and come prepared for major commentary, discussion, and voting on Monday.



1. Morgan, American Slavery, American Freedom 64%

2. Jordan, White Over Black 36%



1. Ulrich, A Midwife’s Tale 46%

7. Richter, Facing East from Indian Country 54%



1. Cronon, Changes in the Land 62%

10. Rediker, The Slave Ship 38%



4. Hämäläinen, Comanche Empire 39%

6. Johnson, Soul by Soul 61%

6 responses

  1. I’m not surprised Richter won. I think I mentioned earlier that I thought Ulrich was the softest of the top seeds. Or maybe the remaining top seeds, since this was after the first one had been knocked out.

    • “I wouldn’t have pegged Taylor as the Gonzaga of the contest. I’d have guessed Ulrich, if anyone, especially since she went against Isaac.”

      So I said in the round two results post. It just took a week for my skepticsm about Ulrich to be validated.

  2. I must say I was disappointed to see Ulrich get knocked out, not only because I predicted her book to be the victor but also because I genuinely hold it to be my favorite book ever written.

  3. I too am really disappointed in regards to the Ulrich book–this was game-changing scholarship on so many levels. And very surprised to see Richter’s book go this far. It’s a great book–but situated within Native American scholarship–this particular work is definitely overshadowed by Merrell’s. However very happy to see Hamalainen make such a showing–another book that is and will have a lasting impact.


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