The Week in Early American History

TWEAHO March! You herald spring and blooms and sun!
But lest you fear a change too swift to speak,
I now present our tidings of the week.
Whence go our students when their learning’s done?
And should they learn for free beyond year one?
For pupils all, keen learning warrants tweaks.
For some the costs are simple—clear as Greek.
Others ask how learning’s news is run.
Clio’s champions write in public places;
Debate as Denmark Vesey garners jeers
(Though scholars say his noose calmed Southrons’ fears);
Contemplate a slew of Northrup’s faces;
View medicine advance on slavery’s tears;
And counter claims of inward-looking spaces.

Forgive me, Petrarch. Now I unfetter
Your way of welding words to form a mold.
How else to share a new G.W. letter?
Or landscape alphabets to see, behold!
So too, I’d have you read of slaves who tried
To free themselves, and ‘gainst all odds, they won.
If films have entertained, you’ll be beside
Yourself with glee at Mather’s ratings—fun!
One teacher’s concept for a learning game:
Oxen deaths made children woebegone.
And lastly, contemplate our lack of shame
In asking how the founders got it on.
If this day’s post has left you seeming sad,
Apologies. This month can make one MAD.


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