Junto March Madness 2014: Round 2, Brackets 3 and 4

JMM Logo 2Yesterday, your favorite books on Atlantic, Native American, and religious history all slugged it out against each other. Today it’s the turn of histories of race and politics. Will Francois Furstenberg score an upset over T.H. Breen? Will Vincent or Christopher triumph in the battle of the Browns? And can Michael Jarvis extend his run as the lowest remaining seed? Your votes will decide it all!

If simply casting your vote isn’t enough, feel free to offer your comments on the matchup, either in the comment thread, or on Twitter using the hashtag #JMM14. Remember—our main objective here is to highlight books worthy of attention, and to spark productive discussions, so please, let us know what you think!

Voting closes at 11.59pm EST, and results will be announced on Saturday.



One response

  1. Holy hell, few decisions in my life have been as difficult as choosing between Gordon-Reed and Johnson, not to mention The Battle of the Browns!


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