Junto March Madness 2014: Elite Eight

JMM Logo 2Today we present the last eight books standing. Your votes will decide which ones make it into the Junto Final Four.

There are only two remaining competitors from each bracket. Fourth-seeded Richter will fight sixth-seeded Goetz in a race that might almost necessitate a tie-breaker. Morgan will face Rushforth, who’s put forth an impressive showing so far. Gordon-Reed may face stiff competition from the recently-triumphant Jarvis, and Breen will have his work cut out for him as he goes up against Holton.

Voting on the Elite Eight will start today. Just to up the stakes a bit, however, we are extending voting from now until Thursday at midnight, EST. Please join in the discussion, either in the comment thread or on Twitter, using the hashtag #JMM14. And don’t forget to come back on Friday to see the results!





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