Junto March Madness Round 2 Voting: Brackets 3 & 4

JMM15As we move into voting for brackets 3 & 4, lots of questions remain unanswered: will Roger Williams’s Key Into the Languages of America continue its cinderella run? Will Graham Crakers gain more momentum? Will Junto readers be able to explain their excitement for this tournament without sounding imminently nerdy? Only time will tell.

Voting closes on Thursday at 5:00pm. Results for all four brackets will be announced on Friday.

BRACKET THREE: U.S. History Superstars

1. Stowage of the British Slave Ship Brookes Under the Reguladed Slave Trade Act of 1788 vs. 9. Martha Ballard’s Diary

2. Paul Revere’s Engraving of the Boston Massacre vs. 10. The Joseph Smith Papers

3. Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin vs. 6. The “Stamp Act Repeal’d” Teapot

4. Jonathan Edwards, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” vs. 5. Joseph Plumb Martin, A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier

BRACKET FOUR: Not Rush Limbaugh’s American History

8. Alden T. Vaughan, ed., Early American Indian Documents, Treaties, and Laws, 1607-1789 vs. 16. Roger Williams, Key Into the Languages of America 

2. 1721 Catawba Map vs. 7. Miguel Leon-Portilla, ed., The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico (Beacon Press, 2006)

3. Thomas Hariot, A Brief and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia vs. 6. Barry O’Connell, ed., A Son of the Forest and Other Writings by William Apess, a Pequot (UMass, 1992)

5. Generic Names for the Country and People of the United States (1803) vs. 13. Graham Crackers

One response

  1. I won’t lie: I’m hoping that our final matchup will be something like “Graham Crackers vs. The Constitution”


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