Junto March Madness: Final Four Results AND Championship Voting

JMM15March is over, but March Madness is still here, and can only survive with the help of your votes! Clap your hands if you believe in fairies!

And by “fairies,” I really mean brackets; you can find the original bracket here.

The championship game promises to be close. Click through for results on the Final Four, and to see you championship matchup.

Out of our two matchups, the Douglass-Declaration contest was the closest; the DoI just made it into the finals. Franklin’s victory proved a bit more decisive. What will happen for the final? Will The Junto‘s Revolutionary tendencies win out? Or will people vote in favor of errata?


2. The Declaration of Independence 52%
beat 1. Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass 48%

3. Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 59%
beat 8. Alden T. Vaughan, ed., Early American Indian Documents, Treaties, and Laws, 1607-1789 41%


2. The Declaration of Independence vs. 3 Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Voting begins today and ends tomorrow at Midnight, EST. Results will go up on Wednesday.


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