March Madness 2016: Presenting your Champion

JMM16The polls have closed, and the votes are in! With nearly 1,000 votes cast in all the rounds, competition was fierce, but, we finally have a winner in this year’s March Madness tournament.

(1) Morgan, Edmund. “Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox.” Journal of American History 59, no. 1 (June 1972): 5–29 67% beat
(2) Lepore, Jill. “Historians Who Love Too Much: Reflections on Microhistory and Biography.” Journal of American History 88, no.1 (June 2001): 129–144. 33%

Which makes Morgan’s work a second-time March Madness winner.

It looks like articles from the American Historical Review, Early American Studies, the Journal of American History, the Journal of Social History, and Past & Present and  are still Open Access today. Links remain available in our bracketing post, so go read them while you can! Thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s March Madness tournament; see y’all next year!


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