Junto Back-Catalog Resources

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.15.41 AMSince the blog first launched in December 2012, we have published 794 posts. That is somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 words of original content on early American history posted on the blog in less than 4 years. And since new readers find the blog regularly and our longtime readers may often have missed posts for various reasons, I want to use today’s post to simply make our readers aware of our back catalog and highlight the resources the blog has for accessing and making better use of it.

When the blog first started, we had a number of Resource pages that kept updated lists of conferences, CFPs, and fellowships related to early American history. A year or so ago, the OIEAHC began doing that in a much more systematic way and we switched our focus to creating back catalog resources that would allow our readers to easily find relevant and interesting content.

First, to browse through our back catalog of nearly eight-hundred posts, you can visit our Archive page (under the Resources tab). Simply put, this page lists, in chronological order, every post that has appeared on The Junto. One can scan the entire list of 794 posts or do a title keyword search by using CMD-F in their browser window. For quick scans of the blog’s available content, it is quite useful. The Archive page offers newer readers a chance to see what happened before they got here without scrolling through almost 800 posts on the front page. And it offers current readers a chance to see if they’d missed anything along the way (or what they missed before becoming a regular reader).

Our second back-catalog resource is the Index page. This page begins with a list of the blog’s most-read posts. It then groups various types of Junto content, including our many roundtables, interviews, and special features. It also offers lists of posts on teaching/pedagogy and research/workflow (with “digital history” and “public history” lists to follow shortly). At the end, there is a (soon-to-be) comprehensive list of every guest post published on the blog. These lists are meant to supplement tag searches and provide quick and visual overviews of certain content.

Finally, in the coming months, The Junto will begin using its Facebook and Twitter accounts to not only publish new posts but highlight posts from our back catalog as well. We hope these resources will make it easier for readers (new and “old”) to both browse our back catalog and more easily find the content they’re looking for.


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