Junto March Madness 2019: Round One Voting Continues

Junto March Madness 2019After brisk voting on Tuesday and Wednesday, round one of Junto March Madness 2019 continues with the second half of this round’s matchups.

Voting for these matchups will end on Friday at 5:00pm EST.

A few things to remember: this is supposed to be fun! Try to enjoy it. We encourage you to take this tournament as an opportunity to explore digital projects that you haven’t seen before, rather than just voting for the ones you already know. Let us know what you find in the comments below, or by tweeting using the hashtag #JMM19.

Bracket five: Digital archives

Matchup seventeen: 1. Documenting the American South v. 8. American Indian Treaties Portal


Matchup eighteen: 2. Harvard – Colonial North America v. 7. Georgetown Slavery Archive


Matchup nineteen: 3. Colonial Albany v. 6. St. Louis Circuit Court Records Project


Matchup twenty: 4. Boston Public Library Anti-Slavery Manuscripts v. 5. New York Heritage Digital Collections


Bracket six: Newspapers and ephemera

Matchup twenty one: 1. Freedom on the Move v. 8. Newburyport, Massachusetts Library Newspapers


Matchup twenty two: 2. North Carolina Runaway Slave Advertisements v. 7. Annotated Newspapers of Harbottle Dorr


Matchup twenty three: 3. La Gazette Royale d’Hayti v. 6. City Readers


Matchup twenty four: 4. Isaiah Thomas Broadside Ballots v. 5. Virginia Gazette collection


Bracket seven: Transcription and web projects

Matchup twenty five: 1. War Department Papers v. 8. Quill


Matchup twenty six: 2. Colored Conventions v. 7. New England Hidden Histories


Matchup twenty seven: 3. Musical Passage v. 6. Moravian Soundscapes


Matchup twenty eight: 4. Salem Witch Trials Papers v. 5. Anna


Bracket eight: Digital Editions

Matchup twenty nine: 1. Founders Online v. 8. Hymn Tune Index


Matchup thirty: 2. Digital Paxton v. 7. American Archive


Matchup thirty one: 3. Common Sense Digital Edition v. 6. Sounding Spirit


Matchup thirty two: 4. Joseph Smith Papers v. 5. Avalon Project


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