Announcing the Winner of Junto March Madness 2019

Junto March Madness 2019It’s been a fun tournament, but as we inch into April, we know that March Madness must come to an end. We’ve appreciated hearing from all of you who have found new digital projects, new sources, and new research opportunities by exploring the field. Thank you to all those who have participated.

This final was unusually close, decided by a razor-tight margin: 52% to 48%. It attracted far more votes than any of the other matchups in the tournament, reflecting both projects’ impressive ability to engage with a broad community of creators, users, and readers.

Without further ado, the winner of Junto March Madness 2019 is…

Harvard’s Colonial North America project. Initially just a 2-seed, the CNA project busted some brackets on its way to the top. But it’s easy to see why! The project will digitize nearly half a million pages of archival and manuscript materials in Harvard’s collections. This project is bound to provide an incredibly valuable resource for historians of early America for years to come.

Congratulations as well to this year’s runner-up, the Adverts 250 project. Powered in part by student curators, Adverts 250 offers an exciting model of how to bring a sustainable approach to digital history into the classroom. Between them, this year’s finalists demonstrate the intellectual and methodological diversity within the field of digital history.

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