The Week in Early American History


In looking at the weeks ahead, I note with some chagrin

That my work remains unfinished though my lectures must begin.

And so instead of planning class, which should engage my time,

I present the Week in History, to YOU! Today! In rhyme!

First up, a What If? notion: American colonists lost their way;

And dramatists depict the U.S. Britain of today.

But win the war, the colonists did (it’s called the Revolution).

It resulted in the writing of our vaunted Constitution.

One resident Brit, Ken Owen, though, reviews its celebration,

And says the violence of debates must drive our education.

That story’s not concluded, per this California instance

When a student passing copies out encountered great resistance.

In future weeks though, rest assured, you’ll read it in your lap:

Thanks to the LoC we’ve got the Constitution app.

Still later in our history comes the welcome bit of news

On an author’s true identity (that before had been confused).

She lived in North Carolina, as a slave devoid of fame,

But Hecimovich says that Hannah Bond was once her name.

Historians love these details, and we seek them when we’re able,

Though for those who want a macro-view check out this wartime table.

In stranger news, we’ve read about some nineteenth-century ghosts,

And the use of New York City in procuring peoples’ votes.

In higher ed, one prof’s decrees to would-be PhDs

Has sparked a bit of traffic, though it’s said that some were pleased.

Word on new enrollment stats adheres to usual currents:

It produces dual pieces on implosion and assurance.

Though some suggest the numbers will remain absurdly high,

One adjunct’s death will serve, one hopes, as quite the sobering cry.

To end—in old-time-author-mode—I offer a confession:

That once I thought a lit degree would be my true profession.

Today that very thought provokes a deal of mystery,

In reading this I’m very glad I stuck with history.

4 responses

  1. Browsing Facebook, wan of look, tired eyed
    I clicked a link, and now am mystify’d:
    Expecting prolix lists and sloppy prose
    Instead (ye Gods!) I found its Antipode.
    Rhyming verse in good iambic meter
    Salvaging Sense, yet amusing the Reader!


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