Junto March Madness 2014: The Final Four!

JMM Logo 2As the last four teams in the NCAA tournament make their way to Dallas, so today it is the turn of the Final Four of Junto March Madness to square off against each other. (In Philadelphia, perhaps? Boston? Or maybe Jamestown?)

Books which have battled their way through themed brackets—transnational/religion; race/gender/Native American history; race/slavery; and political history—now square off against each other to see who will be crowned the ‘best’ book published since 2000. Your votes will decide the final outcome—who will prevail?

The Cinderella story of the tournament has been Michael Jarvis, In The Eye of All Trade. Though granted only a 13 seed, and despite the relatively small size of Bermuda, In The Eye of All Trade has seen off fearsome competition from, among others, Seth Rockman and Annette Gordon-Reed. Will a Final Four battle with Woody Holton’s Unruly Americans (the Kentucky of Junto March Madness) be a bridge too far?

In the other semifinal, Rebecca Goetz’s The Baptism of Early America looks to make it a second victory in as many years for books dealing with early Virginia in Junto March Madness. Having defeated competition as fierce as John Fea, Maya Jasanoff, and Daniel Richter, Goetz’s book must be considered in top form. But Brett Rushforth’s Bonds of Alliance—the highest seed left standing—will unquestionably provide stiff competition.

Polls will remain open until midnight EST, with results to follow shortly afterwards. Join in the discussion either in the comments section here, or on Twitter, using the hashtag #JMM14. Happy voting!



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