Introducing JuntoX: A New MOOC

JuntoXSince it was founded back in December of 2012, The Junto has had a powerfully transformative—indeed, a creatively disruptive—effect on the early American blogosphere. But lately, we’ve started to wonder, why stop there? 

We may not have shelves cluttered with Bancroft prizes, and we may not be invited on speaking tours or onto the op-ed pages of major papers, but the Juntoists are graduate students and early career academics on the front line of teaching American history to university students across two continents. Some of us do a pretty mean line in bow-ties, too.

If anyone can bring the entire span of early American history to a bunch of folks sitting around in their pajamas at home, while leaving no stone unturned and no subfield maligned, in a series of forty-minute video lectures and automated multiple-choice quizzes . . . well, isn’t it us? So, without further ado, let me introduce you to JuntoX. Registration opening soon.

6 responses

  1. This is a big deal. No longer will Coursera have a monopoly. While Washington is in deadlock, ordinary people like you and me are solving the crisis in higher education. Back in 2001, Kiki, the cabbie who drove me from the airport in Oslo, told me he had to take three jobs to pay for his daughter’s higher education, but with Norway’s sensible reforms, he now has money left over to buy a soccer ball. I can’t wait to see the registration numbers.

  2. I’m ready to lean in to this growth-hacking new paradigm shift of thought leadership. Sync it with big data and you’ve got a game changer!

    P.S. Not be be bossy, but y’all call me about acquisition possibilities — would a $1.8 billion valuation be enough??

    • Just heard on the radio (at the auto shop, no less) that Hillsdale is the place to go to for expertise on the Constitution. Dave Ramsay was preaching that and selling his books on the obvious. Y’all need to get your heads out the clouds and get focused on profits.


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