The Early Americanists’ Guide to #OAH2015

Tomorrow begins the 2015 OAH Annual Meeting and The Junto is happy to provide a guide to the panels of most obvious interest to our readers. 

Early American Panels


  • 12pm: Evolving Conceptions of the Southern Male: Identity, Morality and Masculinity in the Civil War Era
  • 1:45pm: The Legacy of C. Vann Woodward’s “Origins of the New South” in the Twenty-First Century


  • 9am: Ghosts of Amistad: In the Footsteps of the Rebels
  • 9am: The Civil War Era and the American West: Unifying Concepts for Scholars, Students, and Museum Goers
  • 9am: Where the Action Was: The Local Roots of Economic and Political Development in Early American History
  • 10:50am: New Research on the Economics of Slavery
  • 10:50am: Indigenous Perceptions of Nineteenth-Century Treaty Making
  • 1:50pm: Remembering Sand Creek 150 Years Later
  • 1:50pm: Early American Worlds: A State of the Field Conversation
  • 1:50pm: The Politics of and in Women’s History in the Era of the Early Republic
  • 1:50pm: State of the Field: Nineteenth Century Indigenous and American Indian History
  • 1:50pm: Carroll Smith-Rosenberg’s “Female World of Love and Ritual”: Forty Years Later


  • 9am: Looking North and West: New Directions in the Study of Free African Americans
  • 9am: The Limits of Freedom: Labor, Violence, and Coercion in the American West
  • 9am: Sympathy for the Sinner: The Problem of Humanitarian Feeling from the Early Republic to the Progressive Era
  • 1:50pm: You Make Me Feel: A Roundtable on the Hidden Passions of Historians for Their Subjects
  • 1:50pm: French St. Louis (1765-1770): Remnant of Empire
  • 1:50pm: Memorializing Massacres in the American West


  • 9am: Identity and Community in Antebellum America
  • 10:45am: Cartography and Empire in Early America

Teaching Panels


  • 1:45pm: The Uses of the Past: What the History of Education Can Teach the Future University


  • 9am: The Civil War Era and the American West: Unifying Concepts for Scholars, Students, and Museum Goers
  • 9am: Crafting the United States History Survey Course
  • 10:50am: Digital Humanities and Teaching


  • 9am: What Will the Impact of the Common Core Be on History Education?
  • 9am: “What?! You Teach at a Community College?” Confronting a Career Taboo
  • 9am: From Scholar to History Textbooks OAH Committee on Teaching Coffee Break
  • 9am: Twitter and the U.S. History Classroom: A Roundtable Discussion
  • 10:50am: Sex, Religion, and Outlaw Teachers: Taboo Topics in the History of American Education
  • 10:50am: Secondary Sources in the Survey Course: Breaking the Taboo of Historiography for Non-Majors
  • 10:50am: Comparing Notes: Pre-College and College Teachers Talk about the Teaching of History


  • 9am: Working across Spaces of History Pedagogy: Classroom, Exhibit, Community
  • 10:45am: Enriching the Content of the U.S. History Survey Course: Four Possibilities

One response

  1. I would love some information on the Crafting the US History Survey Course, Enriching the Content of the US History Survey Course, and the one about teaching at a community college. I would also like to know if anyone discusses flipping the survey course as well. I am flipping mine and it is really having a positive effect on student engagement with the materials.


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