Junto March Madness 2019: Voting Begins for Round 1!

Junto March Madness 2019Will there be upsets? Which digital project will be this year’s Cinderella story? Who will earn immortal glory as the #JMM19 victor? Today, we will start to answer those questions, as voting begins for Junto March Madness 2019.

We announced the matchups on Monday and we will begin with voting for the first four of our eight brackets today. Voting will end on Wednesday at 5:00pm (EST). Voting for brackets five through eight will begin on Thursday and end on Friday.

We encourage you to not just vote for your favorites, but to take the opportunity to explore some of the digital projects that you haven’t had the opportunity to use in the past. As you do so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter using the hashtag #JMM19. As always, we hope you will engage with this competition in the spirit of good fun.

Bracket one: Teaching resources and podcasts

Matchup one: 1. Ben Franklin’s World v. 8. Thomas Jefferson Hour

Matchup two: 2. Age of Jackson v. 7. Constitutionally Speaking

Matchup three: 3. MHS Classroom and Online Resources v. 6. O Say Can You See?

Matchup four: 4. Raid on Deerfield v. 5. La Florida

Bracket two: Empire and Founding Documents

Matchup five: 1. Yale Indian Papers Project v. 8. Townshend Family Papers

Matchup six: 2. Georgian Papers Programme v. 7. Occom Circle Project

Matchup seven: 3. Southeastern Native American Documents v. 6. Interactive Constitution

Matchup eight: 4. American Notes v. 5. Haiti and the Atlantic World

Bracket three: Data Visualizations and Geospatial Projects

Matchup nine: 1. Slave Voyages v. 8. Globalization of the United States, 1789–1861

Matchup ten: 2. Slave Revolt in Jamaica v. 7. Magazine of Early American Datasets

Matchup eleven: 3. Indian Nation v. 6. Oak of Jersualem

Matchup twelve: 4. Native Land v. 5. New Map of Empire Atlas

Bracket four: Blogs and online publications

Matchup thirteen: 1. Black Perspectives v. 8. Bunk History

Matchup fourteen: 2. Age of Revolutions v. 7. Boston 1775

Matchup fifteen: 3. Borealia v. 6. Nehri, Chef des Haytiens

Matchup sixteen: 4. Common-place v. 5. Adverts 250

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