Junto March Madness 2019: Round 1 Winners and Round 2 Voting!

Junto March Madness 2019After some unusually polite trash talk on twitter, a first-round runoff, and more than three thousand votes cast, we are ready to move on to the next round of this year’s Junto March Madness tournament. Sadly, many worthy digital projects must end their tournament hopes today. We encourage you to revisit the entire field to appreciate the remarkable online resources available to those of us interested in Vast Early America.

Today, voting begins for our tournament’s round two. It will end on Tuesday at 8:00pm (EST).

Thank you to all of those who nominated digital projects and those who voted. We are gratified to see that many people are finding new digital resources, or even teaching with them, through this tournament. Remember, as always, that this tournament is meant to be a fun way to highlight some of the early American community’s favorite digital projects—rather than a serious attempt to identify the “best” digital project. As you vote for round two, we again encourage you to explore some of the projects you aren’t familiar with. Tell us what you’re finding and how you’re making decisions in the comments below, or on twitter with the hashtag #JMM19.

Bracket one: Teaching resources & podcasts

Matchup 33: 1. Ben Franklin’s World v. 5. La Florida


Matchup 34: 2. Age of Jackson v. 3. MHS Classroom and Online Resources


Bracket two: Empire and Founding Documents

Matchup 35: 1. Yale Indian Papers Project v. 5. Haiti and the Atlantic World


Matchup 36: 2. Georgian Papers Programme v. 3. Southeastern Native American Documents


Bracket three: Data Visualizations and Geospatial Projects

Matchup 37: 1. Slave Voyages v. 5. New Map of Empire Atlas


Matchup 38: 7. Magazine of Early American Datasets v. 3. Indian Nation


Bracket four: Blogs and online publications

Matchup 39: 1. Black Perspectives v. 5. Adverts 250


Matchup 40: 2. Age of Revolutions v. 3. Borealia


Bracket five: Digital archives

Matchup 41: 1. Documenting the American South v. 4. Boston Public Library Anti-Slavery Manuscripts


Matchup 42: 2. Harvard – Colonial North America v. 3. Colonial Albany


Bracket six: Newspapers and ephemera

Matchup 43: 1. Freedom on the Move v. 5. Virginia Gazette collection


Matchup 44: 2. North Carolina Runaway Slave Advertisements v. 3. La Gazette Royale d’Hayti


Bracket seven: Transcription and web projects

Matchup 45: 1. War Department Papers v. 4. Salem Witch Trials Papers


Matchup 46: 2. Colored Conventions v. 6. Moravian Soundscapes


Bracket eight: Digital Editions

Matchup 47: 1. Founders Online v. 5. Avalon Project


Matchup 48: 2. Digital Paxton v. 3. Common Sense Digital Edition


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