Junto March Madness 2019: Round 3!

Junto March Madness 2019Round 3: the part of the tournament when things start to resemble an early American election. Corrupt bargains will be struck, defense pamphlets composed, and votes will be bought. A duel or two is always possible.

Well, hopefully not.

Thanks to all those who voted in rounds 1 and 2—which has so far added up to about 6,000 votes. Despite the large number of votes, many of these matchups have been decided by slim margins. In the previous round, a single vote twice separated the competitors. Today, voting begins for the third round of 2019’s Junto March Madness tournament. Voting will end on Friday at 5:00pm (EST).

As always, take the opportunity to explore some of the digital history projects that you aren’t familiar with (and check out the entire field while you’re at it). This tournament is intended to highlight early American DH projects for unfamiliar audiences. As you vote and discover, use the hashtag #JMM19 on twitter.

Matchup 49: 1. Ben Franklin’s World v. 3. MHS Classroom and Online Resources


Matchup 50: 1. Yale Indian Papers Project v. 3. Southeastern Native American Documents


Matchup 51: 1. Slave Voyages v. 7. Magazine of Early American Datasets


Matchup 52: 5. Adverts 250 v. 2. Age of Revolutions


Matchup 53: 4. Boston Public Library Anti-Slavery Manuscripts v. 2. Harvard – Colonial North America


Matchup 54: 1. Freedom on the Move v. 2. North Carolina Runaway Slave Advertisements


Matchup 55: 4. Salem Witch Trials Papers v. 2. Colored Conventions


Matchup 56: 1. Founders Online v. 3. Common Sense Digital Edition


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