Junto March Madness 2019: Elite Eight!

Junto March Madness 2019This is the elite eight.

We began this tournament with eight different “regions,” based loosely on the different kinds of digital projects nominated. The digital projects below have each won their “region.”  The winners in this round will go to the Final Four.

Thanks to those of you participating in the votes and on twitter (with the hashtag #JMM19). As always, we encourage you to explore these digital projects, rather than voting for the ones you are most familiar with. The field of early American digital history is incredibly rich and invites continued investigation.

Voting will end on Tuesday at 5:00pm (EST).


Matchup 57: Ben Franklin’s World v. Southeastern Native American Documents


Matchup 58: Slave Voyages v. Adverts 250


Matchup 59: Harvard – Colonial North America v. North Carolina Runaway Slave Advertisements


Matchup 60: Salem Witch Trials Papers v. Common Sense Digital Edition

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