Where Historians Work: Q&A with Emily Swafford of the AHA

Denver_Swafford_square200x200Welcome to the first installment of our “Where Historians Work: The View from Early America” series. Today, The Junto features a Q&A between Katy Lasdow and Dr. Emily Swafford, Manager of Academic Affairs for the American Historical Association in Washington, D.C.[1] Emily shares her experiences seeking out varied career options after graduate school. She also provides AHA resources for readers who wish to become more involved in the conversation about career diversity, whether as part of their own job searches, or within their graduate history departments.
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The Week in Early American History

TWEAHWelcome to our first weekly round-up, where we hope each Sunday to bring you a collection of great reads, news, and links from elsewhere around the web (at least the subset that deals with early America). This post will be a joint effort of the entire Junto, with me serving as compiler and presenter—and thereby channeling my research subjects, the colonial and revolutionary era American newspaper printers.

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