Early America at AHA 2016

It’s hard to believe that this is our fourth annual roundup of panels and presentations about early America and the Atlantic World at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association. Convening this year in Atlanta beginning today (January 7) and running through January 10, the program this year offers a theme of “Global Migrations: Empires, Nations, and Neighbors.”

People go to the AHA for many reasons, and we wish all of you a good conference experience (most especially those of you interviewing for jobs). As we have for the past few years, below you’ll find a guide to many of the panels that include our colleagues and readers who work on topics related to early America and the Atlantic world. We’ve done our best to capture as many panels of interest to our readership, in the spirit of “vast Early America,” as Omohundro Institute Director Karin Wulf put it earlier this week. But we also surely missed a few panels of interest, so please feel free to suggest other possibilities in the comments.

With that said, scroll down for a day-by-day rundown, with links to the program description for each panel. (You can also browse the full program, of course.)

Shameless Self-Promotion! (i.e., Panels with Junto Members)

Thursday, January 7, 3:30 pm

ASCH 8. New Approaches to Religious Biography: Reexamining American Protestant Life-Writing

Saturday, January 9, 2:30 pm

208/NACBS 4/ASCH 31. Textual Communities and Religious Networks in 18th-Century British America

Thursday, January 7

1:00 pm

8. Caribbean Borderlands during the Long 19th Century: Geographic Mobility, Social Experiments, and Radicalism on the Fringes of Empire and Nation-States, Room A601 (Marriott Marquis)

17. New Directions in Civil War Trauma, Room A706 (Marriott Marquis)

27. Digital History, Slave Databases, and Mapping, Regency Ballroom VI (Hyatt Regency)

ASCH 4. The 19th-Century American Scriptural Imagination: Three Case Studies, International Ballroom 10 (Marriott Marquis)

ASCH 5. The Legacies of Slavery in Reconstruction-Era Christianity, International Ballroom 3 (Marriott Marquis)

CLAH 3. Imagining Failure and Its Consequences in the Colonial Spanish Pacific World, International Ballroom A (Marriott Marquis)

3:30 pm

30. Revolutions: The State of the Field, Salon A (Hilton)

CLAH 4. Why Caribbean Women’s History Matters, Room A601 (Marriott Marquis)

33/SCWH 1. Household War: Rethinking the Warfront during the American Civil War, Grand Hall D (Hyatt Regency)

37. Fugitive Slaves and Spaces of Freedom in North America, 1800–60, Grand Hall C (Hyatt Regency)

40. Documentary Editors Engage the 21st Century, Crystal Ballroom C (Hilton)

46/ASCH 6. Imperialists, Internationalists, and Spies: New Directions for Missionary Studies, Room A706 (Marriott Marquis)

47. The Circulation of Knowledge in the Age of Empires: New Perspectives on the “Transnationalization” of American History, Room A602 (Marriott Marquis)

50/CLAH 8. Inka Dynastic Culture: Interdisciplinary Approaches, Imperial Ballroom A (Marriott Marquis)

4:15 pm

2015 John O’Connor Film Award Winner, Feature Film: 12 Years a Slave, Room 213 (Hilton)

8:30 pm

Plenary: The Confederacy, Its Symbols, and the Politics of Public Culture, Grand Ballroom D (Hilton)

Friday, January 8

8:30 am

61/CEHS 3. Linking the Atlantic with the Heart of Europe: German Transnational Networks in the 18th Century, Room 304 (Hilton)

62/CCWH 2. Reproducing Gossip: Gender, Rumor, and Fertility Control, Room M101 (Marriott Marquis)

66. Negotiating with the Neighbors: Native and Euro-Americans on the Edge of Empires, Crystal Ballroom C (Hilton)

67. Marijuana and Migration: Troubling Transplants in the Atlantic World, 1500–1940, Room 303 (Hilton)

75. Disorderly City: Race, Gender, and Social Transformation in Civil War-Era New Orleans, Room A704 (Marriott Marquis)

ASCH 12. Converts, Nuns, and Daughters: Gender and Religious Identity in the Long 19th Century, International Ballroom 2 (Marriott Marquis)

10:30 am

86. Freemasonry: The World’s First Global Social Network, Room 311/312 (Hilton)

90. Modernizing Capitalism in the Antebellum American South, Room 304 (Hilton)

93. Women and Families sin Fronteras: New Directions in Gender in the United States/Mexico Borderlands, Imperial Ballroom A (Marriott Marquis)

100. Matrimony on the Margins: Migrants, Marriage, and the Making of the Atlantic World, Room 303 (Hilton)

1:00 pm

Documentary Film Screening: Stephen Douglas and the Fate of American Democracy, Room 213 (Hilton)

2:30 pm

114. “Why Sit Ye Here and Die?” Black American and Haitian Migrations within the Atlantic World, Crystal Ballroom C (Hilton)

120/CLAH 21. “Bárbaros” in the Archive: Sources and Methods for the Study of Autonomous Indigenous Peoples in South America, Room M302 (Marriott Marquis)

128. Reconceptualizing the US South through the Stories of Free People of Color, Room A707 (Marriott Marquis)

130. Forceful Politics: Performative Violence as Indigenous Discourse across North American Borderlands, Room 311/312 (Hilton)

131. Teaching the History of Money, Grand Hall D (Hyatt Regency)

GCET 1. Understanding and Teaching the Age of Revolutions, Grand Hall A (Hyatt Regency)

PAHA 3. Foreigners’ View on the American Civil War, Room 209 (Hilton)

SHARP. Exploring Race and Ethnicity through Book History, Room 211 (Hilton)

5:00 pm

CLAH 26. Inaugural Atlantic World Studies Committee Meeting: Making Connections: Latin America and the Atlantic World, International Ballroom B (Marriott Marquis)

CLAH 27. Mexican Studies Committee Meeting: New Perspectives on the Study of Indigenous Intellectuals in Mexico: Colonial Period to the Present, International Ballroom 1 (Marriott Marquis)

CEHS 8. Lars Maischak’s German Merchants in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic, Room 301 (Hilton)

7:00 pm

CLAH 29. Central American Studies Committee Meeting: Colonialism and Its Legacies in Central America, International Ballroom A (Marriott Marquis)

CLAH 31. Caribbean Studies Committee Meeting: New Research on the Early Spanish Caribbean, International Ballroom 1 (Marriott Marquis)

CLAH 32. Colonial Studies Committee Meeting: Global Ports: Mobilities, Information, and Local Exchanges in the Spanish Caribbean, 1700–1898, International Ballroom 7 (Marriott Marquis)

Saturday, January 9

9:00 am

140. When We Were British: Mapping British Influence on Early America for the K–12 Classroom, Crystal Ballroom A (Hilton)

163/CLAH 36. Imperial Reform in an Age of Globalization: Iberian Empires, Enlightenment, and Commercial Society, Part 1: Commercial Society and Iberian Empires, Room M106 (Marriott Marquis)

166/ASECS 1. Rewriting Revolutions, 1750-1850: New Settings, Characters and Plots, Part 1: Moments and Movements, Room M104 (Marriott Marquis)

11:30 am

172/SCWH 2. Remapping the Civil War: New Takes on Ethnicity, Chronology, and Geography, Salon C (Hilton)

188. Native People in Motion—Crossing Boundaries, Room 309/310 (Hilton)

191/CLAH 42. Imperial Reform in an Age of Globalization: Iberian Empires, Enlightenment, and Commercial Society, Part 2: The Enlightenment Contexts of Iberian Empires, Room M106 (Marriott Marquis)

194/ASECS 2. Rewriting Revolutions, 1750-1850: New Settings, Characters and Plots, Part 2: Things and Persons, Room M104 (Marriott Marquis)

2:30 pm

196. Remembering Carl Degler: Pioneering Scholar and Pioneering Feminist, Grand Ballroom D (Hilton)

205/CLAH 47. Power and Authority: The Subaltern Sectors and the Elites in Colonial Andes, Room M106 (Marriott Marquis)

222/ASECS 3. Rewriting Revolutions, 1750-1850: New Settings, Characters and Plots, Part 3: Places and Materialities, Room M104 (Marriott Marquis)

5:30 pm

CLAH 53. Gran Colombia Studies Committee Meeting: Gran Colombia before the Gran Colombia, International Ballroom 1 (Marriott Marquis)

Sunday, January 10

8:30 am

227/NACBS 6. Migrating Repertoires of Diplomacy: Strategies of British Negotiation with Indigenous Peoples in the British Empire, 1800–50, Room 303 (Hilton)

228. Biopolitics and the Migration of Ideas in Early Modern Globalization, Room 313/314 (Hilton)

242/CLAH 55. Families and Communities in the Early Modern Atlantic Empires, Room A704 (Marriott Marquis)

247. Finding Freedom: New Perspectives on Movement, Mobility, and Self-Emancipation from Slavery in the Early Republic, Salon C (Hilton)

ACHA 18. Transatlantic Catholicism in the 19th Century, Spring Room (Hyatt Regency)

ASCH 36. Reframing Religious Reform through Childhood: From 16th-Century England to 19th-Century America, International Ballroom 1 (Marriott Marquis)

ASCH 38. Reform, Mission, and Governance in Colonial Spanish America, International Ballroom 2 (Marriott Marquis)

11:00 am

265. New Approaches to Globalizing the History of American Capitalism, Salon C (Hilton)

279. Social, Cultural, and Economic Histories of Ships Connected to the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Grand Ballroom A (Hilton)

Congrats on scrolling all the way to the end! Hope everyone has a great conference.

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