A Junto Announcement!

J-MoneyAfter nearly three-and-a-half years, we are preparing to move on to the next level. Beginning Monday, April 4th, The Junto is moving to a paywall system. (That the results for the Final Four #JuntoMM2016 are to be released on Monday is only a coincidence, I assure you.) Over the past few years, our annual operating expenses have come to run into the tens of dollars. Also, our MOOC, JuntoX, never really took off like we’d hoped (or at all). And, with early America getting vaster every day, it is taking an increasing amount of free labor to cover. Also, we’d be lying if we said all the Hamilton talk over the past year hasn’t been bringing out our inner capitalists a little bit.

Therefore, you can get your shiny new Junto subscription for the low, low price of anywhere between $14.92 and $18.12 per year (your choice). Think about it: that’s a maximum of $1.51 per month, or $0.35 per week, or $0.05 per day. So, for the price of one piece of Bazooka Joe (in 1989), you’ll continue to get all the same content you used to get for free. That’s basically a steal!

More details will follow on Monday morning including the P.O. Box address where you can send your check or money order (NB: the e-commerce is going to take another week or so to get up-and-running).

15 comments on “A Junto Announcement!

  1. Erin Fulton says:

    Sorry, I’m afraid I’ll be leaving. Times are too tight for a student : (

  2. scrappycrow says:

    I see what you did there. 😉

  3. Jay E. says:

    If it were $10.66 I’d be on board, but I understand that’s a bit out of your frame.

  4. Will The Junto be accepting bills of credit, tobacco warehouse receipts, or Continentals?

    • Alec D Rogers says:

      I pledge 17.76 per annum in credit towards representational service so long as properly recorded on parchment with a quill pen made of a feather from a Mount Vernon Thanksgiving turkey.

    • I second this question. Continentals at face or market value? Also, I may have come into possession of a large number of veteran land claim certificates. Will these be honored to my credit?

  5. What’s $14.92 in pounds of tobacco?

  6. johnfea says:

    I normally don’t link to my own posts in the comments section at other blogs, but this is worth an exception: http://thewayofimprovement.com/2016/04/01/will-you-pay-14-92-a-year-to-read-an-internet-rag-like-the-junto-blog/

  7. Nathaniel E. Perry says:

    If I can prove that I am a nephew of George Washington, and Dan’l Boone, as well as the direct descendent of many other known Early Americans, do I get free access?

  8. Bruce says:

    disheartening to see the internet form yet another aristocratic club that will lock itself into an ivory tower.

  9. troyda says:

    I read this on April 2, when my brain had transitioned out of April Fools mode. Took me a second.

  10. Carla Curtis says:

    Oh geez. I totally fell for this. I don’t feel very smart right now😳


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