Junto March Madness Semi-Final Results and Finals Voting

JMM16After a little bit of fun on Friday, it’s back to our regularly-scheduled March (er, April) postings, and the last week of March Madness. Over 150 of you voted to choose finalists in our semi-final; read on to find out who goes head-to-head in the last round!

It looks like our final round will be a JAH v. JAH match-up, with Morgan’s work on slavery going up against Lepore’s rumination on microhistory.

(1) Morgan, Edmund. “Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox.” Journal of American History 59, no. 1 (June 1972): 5–29 66% beat
(3) Richter, Daniel. “War and Culture: The Iroquois Experience.” The William and Mary Quarterly, Third Series 40, no. 4 (October 1983): 528–59. 34%

(1) Breen, T. H.  “Baubles of Britain: The American and Consumer Revolutions of the Eighteenth Century.” Past & Present 119 (1988): 73–104 40% lost to
(2) Lepore, Jill. “Historians Who Love Too Much: Reflections on Microhistory and Biography.” Journal of American History 88, no.1 (June 2001): 129–144. 60%

Voting will start today, and will end Thursday at midnight; we’ll announce a winner on Friday, so get voting!


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