Reminder to join the conversation “Where Historians Work: A View from Early America”

Do you hold a PhD titlesin early American history/literature/architectural history/art history/etc. or a related field, and have you chosen a career outside of the professoriate? The Junto wants to hear from you! There’s still time to participate in our conversation, “Where Historians Work: A View from Early America.”

Leave your stories in the comments of this post. Or, if you would prefer a less public forum, you may email The Junto ( with the subject line “Career Diversity.” Please post comments or email by Friday, February 17.

Some questions you might consider in your post:

  • Where do you work and what is your title?
  • What has the journey after graduate school been like for you?
  • Was the decision to pursue a career outside the academy a conscious, empowered one?
  • Was it a choice you made after attempting the traditional academic route first?
  • What steps (if any) did you take while in graduate school to pursue career opportunities outside of the professoriate?
  • Tell us about your work. How does it relate (or not relate) to the research you undertook for your doctoral studies?
  • What skills have you brought to your workplace that stemmed for your training as a historian?


[Image credit: Word cloud from “The Many Careers of History PhDs,” job outcome study, AHA, 2013.]


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