Is Blogging Scholarship? Reflections on the OAH Panel

On Sunday, at the 2014 OAH Annual Meeting, I was part of a roundtable discussion entitled “Is Blogging Scholarship?” Several other participants have posted their thoughts on the subject; there was also a great deal of live-tweeting, and our own Joe Adelman has also joined (and developed!) the conversation. The discussion itself was fantastic, and was videotaped for later broadcasting. But in reflecting on the panel, I’ve found there are some points I wish to re-emphasize, and some problems I have with the way the entire roundtable was framed. Continue reading

Junto March Madness 2014: And The Winner Is…

#JMM14Over 600 votes were cast in the Championship Game of Junto March Madness 2014—an NCAA Tournament-like bracket that pitted some of the best books in early American history against each other (or, at least, those published since 2000). Unlike last year, when Edmund Morgan’s American Slavery, American Freedom was the runaway winner from start to finish, this year’s tournament provided a nonstop series of upsets, with no number-1 seed making the Final Four, and the championship game involving a 6-seed squaring off against a 13-seed.  Continue reading

Junto March Madness 2014: Championship Game!

It started off with 64… now only 2 remain. It’s the day you’ve been waiting for—the time when the ultimate champion of Junto March Madness will be decided. Strong challengers have fallen by the wayside; now your votes will decide who walks away with the fame, fortune and accolades for being recognized as the best early American history book since 2000. Final Four results, and the final poll, all after the jump!

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Junto March Madness 2014: The Sweet 16

JMM Logo 2The first weekend of the NCAA tournament is done and dusted, and while Cinderellas like Dayton and Tennessee are making their way to regional finals, so the best early American history books since 2000 are getting ready for their equivalent of the showdown at Madison Square Garden. As befits such a grand stage, there are some marquee matchups. Who will prevail? As ever, your votes will decide! Continue reading

Junto March Madness 2014: Round 2, Brackets 3 and 4

JMM Logo 2Yesterday, your favorite books on Atlantic, Native American, and religious history all slugged it out against each other. Today it’s the turn of histories of race and politics. Will Francois Furstenberg score an upset over T.H. Breen? Will Vincent or Christopher triumph in the battle of the Browns? And can Michael Jarvis extend his run as the lowest remaining seed? Your votes will decide it all! Continue reading

Junto March Madness 2014: The Unveiling of the Bracket

JMM Logo 2Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for with eager anticipation—the official unveiling of the Junto’s March Madness bracket! Thank you to all who nominated books over the last couple of days—this whole project wouldn’t have been possible without you.

As with last year, we had an overwhelming response to our call for nominations, with over 150 books nominated, and over half of those receiving multiple nominations or seconds. Constructing the bracket from such a list was a difficult—each of us had to see books we wanted in the tournament fall by the wayside. 

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Junto March Madness 2014: Call For Nominations

JMM Logo 2Last week, we announced our plans for “Junto March Madness 2014″ - a bracket tournament pitting our readers’ favorite early American history books published since 2000 against each other. Today, we begin the Call for Nominations. Check out the rules below and then add your nominations and seconds in the Comments section. Then, by the power of The Junto‘s bracketologists, we’ll compile the tournament brackets, and open it up for your votes starting next Monday. Continue reading