Junto March Madness 2017: Sweet Sixteen

JMM17 LogoThe Round of 32 voting is completed and we have out Sweet Sixteen match-ups. See the bracket below for results. Below that, begin voting for the next round. Voting for the Round of 16 will conclude Thursday, March 23rd at 5pm EST. Results and the Round of 8 match-ups will be posted on the morning of Friday, March 24th. Happy voting!

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Round of 16 

Junto March Madness 2017 is Here!

Welcome one and all to the 5th annual Junto March Madness (#JMM17). This year’s tournament will cover books in early American history (broadly defined) published since 2014. There are, however, a few key differences from past years. First, this year’s tournament will feature 32 books rather than 64. Moreover, we have decided to forego the open nomination process. The 32 works in the bracket below were selected by the 25 members of the blog. Before voting begins, let me also offer our usual disclaimer: JMM is meant to be fun and to expose more people to excellent recent scholarship on early America. It is not meant to determine the “best” book on early American history since 2014 but to show the favorites of our readers. As always, we encourage participants to use both the comments here on the blog and our hashtag (#JMM17) to discuss these works. With that out of the way, here is this year’s bracket (click for full-size): Continue reading

March Madness 2016: Presenting your Champion

JMM16The polls have closed, and the votes are in! With nearly 1,000 votes cast in all the rounds, competition was fierce, but, we finally have a winner in this year’s March Madness tournament. Continue reading

Junto March Madness Semi-Final Results and Finals Voting

JMM16After a little bit of fun on Friday, it’s back to our regularly-scheduled March (er, April) postings, and the last week of March Madness. Over 150 of you voted to choose finalists in our semi-final; read on to find out who goes head-to-head in the last round! Continue reading

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