Junto March Madness Round 1 Results

JMM16It was an interesting first round, everybody. 168 of you voted, which, as you’ll see, was a real problem in one of our brackets. Upsets occurred in every category, and we had our first ever March Madness tie. Read on for your results! Continue reading

Junto March Madness 2016: Round 1 Voting

JMM16You nominated, we bracketed, and now, it’s time for voting to begin! Upsets will happen. Top seeds will fall. Tears will be shed (maybe). Most importantly, articles you’ve not read will rise to the top of your to-read list (we hope!). Continue reading

Junto March Madness 2016: The Unveiling of the Brackets

JMM16The brackets are here, the brackets are here! During the next month, prepare for a supreme nerd-fest as historians vote for the articles they think have shaped early American history. This year, the bracket is focused on articles. Continue reading

Junto March Madness: Final Four Results AND Championship Voting

JMM15March is over, but March Madness is still here, and can only survive with the help of your votes! Clap your hands if you believe in fairies!

And by “fairies,” I really mean brackets; you can find the original bracket here.

The championship game promises to be close. Click through for results on the Final Four, and to see you championship matchup.

Continue reading

Junto March Madness: Final Four Voting

JMM15Well, we’ve made it. March is almost over basketball is winding down, midterms have come and gone, and JUNTO MARCH MADNESS MARCHES ON!!!!

If you want to be reminded of how we got here, here’s the original bracket.

Is Benjamin Franklin the #EarlyAmHist version of Kentucky, destined for domination? Will the contested principles of the Declaration of Independence win the game? Do I have to keep coming up with corny rhetorical questions? Only one more week to find out!

For the Final Four, you have an entire week to vote. So spread the word! As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often. Continue reading

Junto March Madness: Elite Eight Voting

JMM15We’re getting close to the finals here at The Junto. Elite Eight voting starts AND ends today at 5 p.m. EST. We’ll post results tomorrow and give you the weekend to mull over your final four choices.

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