Junto March Madness 2016: Round 1 Voting

JMM16You nominated, we bracketed, and now, it’s time for voting to begin! Upsets will happen. Top seeds will fall. Tears will be shed (maybe). Most importantly, articles you’ve not read will rise to the top of your to-read list (we hope!).

Regarding Open Access to articles: access is now available via hyperlinks to relevant articles in our bracketing post from yesterday, though I will continue to update the post as new links to articles come in. These articles will be available from now until the end of the tournament in the first week of April, so read them while you can!

Voting for Round One begins today, and runs ’til Saturday at noon. Results will be announced on Monday, and Round Two voting will start on Tuesday. As always, we welcome a lively discussion in the comments, and on Twitter using the hashtag #JuntoMM16.

Atlantic World




Economic and Social History


American Revolution


History of Ideas




Native American history


Slavery and Race formation

One response

  1. Woah, not long left to vote everyone! I’m particularly crossing my fingers for Carroll Smith Rosenberg’s “Female Worlds of Love and Ritual,” an article that had no practical bearing on my own work at the time I read it, in the first year of graduate school, as part of the obligatory gender week. What I loved about it, as a wannabe-historian who was mainly (at that time) obsessed with the ideas and conflicts of powerful men, was the way it reconstructed a whole other world of human experience–a world of emotions and connections–and even more importantly, made clear to me just how important that kind of experience is. Mara Keire will always have my gratitude for teaching us that article, and I hope this competition might encourage others to read it who might otherwise, like me, never have considered it.


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