Winter Reads

Just in time for your holiday shopping list, here’s our preview of new titles—share your finds in the comments!

Grandma Moses, "Joy Ride," 1953

Grandma Moses, “Joy Ride,” 1953

Robert J. Andrews, The Journals of Jeffery Amherst, 1757-1763, Volume 1: The Daily and Personal Journals

Adam Arenson and Andrew R. Graybill, eds., Civil War Wests: Testing the Limits of the United States

Linda Baumgarten and Kimberly Smith Ivey, Four Centuries of Quilts: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection

Andrew D. M. Beaumont, Colonial America and the Earl of Halifax, 1748-1761

Brooke L. Blower and Mark Philip Bradley, eds., The Familiar Made Strange: American Icons and Artifacts after the Transnational Turn

Doron S. Ben-Atar and Richard D. Brown, Taming Lust: Crimes Against Nature in the Early Republic

Kyle T. Bulthius, Four Steeples over the City Streets: Religion and Society in New York’s Early Republic Congregations

Nathalie Dessens, Creole City: A Chronicle of Early American New Orleans

Sara Fanning, Caribbean Crossing: African Americans and the Haitian Emigration Movement

Anne Sinkler Fishburne, Belvidere: A Plantation Memory, Commemorative Edition

Linford D. Fisher, J. Stanley Lemons, and Lucas Mason-Brown, Decoding Roger Williams: The Lost Essay of Rhode Island’s Founding Father

Raphael Brester Folsom, The Yaquis and the Empire: Violence, Spanish Imperial Power, and Native Resilience in Colonial Mexico

Eric Foner, Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad

Mark Fortier, The Culture of Equity in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Britain and America

Thomas A. Foster, ed., Women in Early America

Paul Freedman, Joyce E. Chaplin, and Ken Albala, eds., Food in Time and Place:

The American Historical Association Companion to Food History

Cécile Fromont, The Art of Conversion: Christian Visual Culture in the Kingdom of Kongo

Malcolm Gaskill, Between Two Worlds: How the English Became Americans

Cassandra A. Good, Founding Friendships: Friendships between Men and Women in the Early American Republic

Katherine Grandjean, American Passage: The Communications Frontier in Early New England

Sean P. Harvey, Native Tongues: Colonialism and Race from Encounter to the Reservation

Alexander B. Haskell, For God, King, and People: Forging Commonwealth Bonds in Renaissance Virginia

Ben Herzog, Revoking Citizenship: Expatriation in America from the Colonial Era to the War on Terror

Jonathan Horn, The Man Who Would Not Be Washington: Robert E. Lee’s Civil War and His Decision That Changed American History

William Huntting Howell, Against Self Reliance: The Arts of Dependence in the Early United States

John M. Hutchins, Coronado’s Well-Equipped Army: The Spanish Invasion of the American Southwest

Jaap Jacobs and L. H. Roper, eds., The Worlds of the Seventeenth-Century Hudson Valley

George Kateb, Lincoln’s Political Thought

Tracy Neal Leavelle, The Catholic Calumet: Colonial Conversions in French and Indian North America

Brian P. Luskey and Wendy Woloson, eds., Capitalism by Gaslight: Illuminating the Economy of Nineteenth-Century America

Fiona MacCarthy, Anarchy & Beauty: William Morris and His Legacy, 1860–1960

Kevin P. McDonald, Pirates, Merchants, Settlers, and Slaves: Colonial America and the Indo-Atlantic World

Robert Middlekauff, Washington’s Revolution: The Making of America’s First Leader

Robert Michael Morrissey, Empire by Collaboration: Indians, Colonists, Governments in Colonial Illinois Country

Amber D. Moulton, The Fight for Interracial Marriage Rights in Antebellum Massachusetts

Matthew Mulcahy, Hubs of Empire: The Southeastern Lowcountry and British Caribbean

Michael Leroy Oberg, Professional Indian: The American Odyssey of Eleazer Williams

Andrew Oliver, American Travelers on the Nile: Early US Visitors to Egypt, 1774-1839

Lindsay O’Neill, The Opened Letter: Networking in the Early Modern British World

Jessica M. Parr, Inventing George Whitefield: Race, Revivalism, and the Making of a Religious Icon

Jessica Choppin Roney, Governed by a Spirit of Opposition: The Origins of American Political Practice in Colonial Philadelphia

Decorah A. Rosen, Border Law: The First Seminole War and American Nationhood

Virginia Scharff, ed., Empire and Liberty: The Civil War and the West

Ethan A. Schmidt, The Divided Dominion: Social Conflict and Indian Hatred in Early Virginia

Calvin Schermerhorn, The Business of Slavery and the Rise of American Capitalism, 1815–1860

John Howard Smith, The First Great Awakening: Redefining Religion in British America, 1725-1775

David O. Stewart, Madison’s Gift: Five Partnerships That Built America

Abigail L. Swingen, Competing Visions of Empire: Labor, Slavery, and the Origins of the British Atlantic Empire

John R. Van Atta, Wolf by the Ears: The Missouri Crisis, 1819–1821

Emily West, Enslaved Women in America: From Colonial Times to Emancipation

Glenn F. Williams, Dunmore’s War: The Last Conflict of America’s Colonial Era

Lisa Wilson, A History of Stepfamilies in Early America

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  1. A bit self-promoting, but I’d add my book, which focuses on the early Washington administration and attitudes toward the presidency & executive power in the political and popular cultures at the beginning of Constitutional governance: For Fear of an Elective King: George Washington and the Presidential Title Controversy of 1789 (Cornell, 2014). To get a taste, here’s a link to an op-ed I wrote for the Boston Globe, September 21, 2014:

  2. Eric Nelson’s “The Royalist Revolution: Monarchy and the American Founding” is worth a look, too. Previewed in a great forum on “Patriot Royalism” in the WMQ a few years back.

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